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Waiting List

Waitlist & Deposit Info

I have started a waitlist fee to get serious potential buyers in line for my future pups. It’s a non-refundable fee of $500 to be added. It goes towards the price of the puppy. Anyone on our waitlist will be the first to know about our available pups. (Our pups aren’t ready until 10-14 wks old).
The waitlist + the holding fee =  the full $500 we normally charge to hold a puppy. The remaining Balance isn’t due until pick-up day.

If interested in joining our waitlist message me.

*My waitlist isn’t separate for each litter, it’s all my puppies in general. Most of my customers have a specific color pup they want, sex, or size.. so I go down the waitlist and contact them when I have what they are looking for.


    • Our Males start at $2200
    • Females start at $3000

Prices vary depending on color, size, sex, and eye color. Our puppies won’t be priced until 8 weeks old and then will be ready for holding fees at that time.

    Please select your choice of male or female.
  • Please tell me the color you are wanting.
  • Please list the size of a puppy you are wanting.
  • Deposit of $500 is required toward your purchase of your puppy.
  • $0.00